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The tradition of coin banks dates back several centuries, so it isn't surprising that you have discovered an interest in antique piggy banks and have started your own collection. Antique as well as vintage piggy banks are not only useful for storing coins, but they serve as excellent decorative items. Due to the way they evoke childhood memories, these priceless collectibles will delight collectors of all ages, young and old.

Banks, Vending and Registers - A Brief History

Still Banks

Still Banks have no moving parts, making them less complicated than mechanical banks. These include antique banks with pictures of animals, people, and animated characters. These types of coin banks are extremely popular among antique piggy bank enthusiasts due to their simplicity. Tin, ceramic, iron, and chalkware were the principal materials used to manufacture vintage piggy banks, each with its distinctive shape and design.

Mechanical Banks

Mechanical Banks differ from most piggy banks in that they operate primarily via mechanical action. A mechanical bank also includes coin slots; in this case, however, when a coin is inserted into the coin slot, it triggers a response from various characters. Movements used in the manufacturing of mechanical banks affect the functionality of the banks. These are usually cast iron banks.  The designs and figures adorning the tops of mechanical banks make it easy to differentiate them from still banks.

A mechanical bank is incredibly easy to spot and distinguish from a still bank on the basis of the figures and designs on top of the banks. Additionally, the banks emit funny sounds or perform funny actions when money is dropped into them. Mechanical banks do not need to be destroyed or retrieved physically, unlike piggy banks.

Cash Registers

Cash registers are more than just antiques; their historical appeal makes them ideal for small businesses as well as home decor. Antique cash registers were often lavishly decorated with delicate details and were a focal point of many small businesses. High-polished cabinetry is common on some of these early machines, including Bronze, Brass, Copper, Silverplate, Nickel plate, Black oxide on bronze, gold plate, antique copper, and Enamel-painted or engraved flat metal. A good thing about these vintage cash registers is that they can even be used as an aesthetic investment for your space.

Vending Machines

Vending machines were not always used for selling soda and tobacco. Historically, Hero of Alexandria, a mathematician, invented the first vending machine using valves, pulleys, and weights to dispense holy water in the first century. Vending machines only became common after the Industrial Revolution. Vintage vending machines include vending machines that dispense stamps, postcards snacks, as well as beverage machines for serving soft drinks. Simply visit Bidquare if you are looking for interesting Banks, Vending, and Registers of various shapes and patterns that harken back to times past.

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