A collectible refers to any physical object that is worth more to a collector at auction irrespective of its actual monetary value. The term ‘collectible’ is a catchall term and often denotes names such as antique, curios, bukouterie, and artworks. Vintage and collectibles and antique collectibles for sale at  online auction on Bidsquare incorporate a wide variety of objects including antiques, art, autographs, stamps, postcards, sculptures, clocks, coins, dolls, gems, photographs, carvings, antiquities, rare books, taxidermy, and more. 

Antique and Vintage Collectibles as Investments

Certain collectibles whose value increases over time are pretty savvy investments. These collectibles have worth far more than their original sale price and fall into alternative investment. Investing in this type of asset can be a rewarding experience with history, beauty, personal satisfaction, and more. These items have all the qualities to attract collectors’ interest like rarity and closeness to mint condition, including the manufactured collectibles that are made keeping people’s interest in mind. Based on history, the five categories of collectibles that offer excellent returns on investments in the future are stamps, rare coins, toys, fine art, sneakers, etc. 

Collectibles vs. Antique

There lies a distinct difference between collectibles and antiques - all antiques may be called collectibles but not all collectibles can be termed as antiques for the fact that collectibles may not have to be old to be worthy of buying. An antique is valued for its age. While rare and original antiques that are in high demand with collectors may fetch high prices, other antiques may have sentimental value. Collectibles featured on Bidsqure cover fascinating items from different periods. Discover the missing gaps in your collection from our vintage collectibles and antique collectibles auction and revive memories gone by. 

Quick Facts on Collectibles

  • Common categories of collectibles include antiques, comic books, stamps, toys, and coins.
  • Popular collectibles that are timeless and maintain or appreciate in value are Antique Furniture, Vinyl Records, Coins and Currency, Classic Cars, Stamps, Wine, Fine Art and Jewelry.
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