A rug is a thick object made from various materials which doesn’t cover the whole floor but only a part of the room. Humans have created rugs from every material possible. Historic people wove various threads, grass, and other material to cover their room and keep themselves warm.  Around 5,000 years ago many nomadic people used sheep, camels, and goat hair to create a rug. Rugs were a practical object which was meant to keep the floor warm but as human civilization started to form, rugs came to be fancier and started becoming the symbol of status and prestige. As the development started taking place Persians started knitting valuable metals such as silver and gold in the rugs. The Pazyryk rug is the oldest on the earth, dating back between the fifth and fourth century B.C. The rugs were created in Asia and traveled to Europe around 1000 AD. The rug was never an important matter in Europe as it was in Asia with so many Asian-built rug industries. Most of the rugs these days can be seen made from various materials. Most of the antique rugs these days are used for decoration rather than for floor warming purposes. Vintage rugs can be found in various shapes and sizes. Antique and vintage rugs are made up of various designs and patterns. Various antique rugs at online auctions can be found. Out of all the other auctions, one of the best places for bidders can be Bidsquare. Bidsquare presents some of the best quality rugs such as Two Grey Hills Textile, Group of Five Weavings, Crystal Textile, and many more online. Rugs at the sale are works done with some of the finest materials. Various rugs online can be found at the sale on many different auctions. 

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